Brand Growth Opportunities from Polycultural and Complex Markets
Consumer Insights and Communications
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Cultural Competency and Best Practices
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Brand Growth Opportunities from Polycultural and Complex Markets

We provide CEOs, and the C-Suite insights of the Polycultural societies that make up the new face and mind of America.

Today’s consumers can express their consumption preferences in very individualistic and complex ways. Distinct behavioral choices across channel preference, lifestyle and culture are the new reality, not only in the top DMA’s in U.S. but also in the emerging markets that make up our hemisphere.

Additionally, the Multicultural population in the U.S. will continue to grow at triple the rate of the general market, and Latin America’s emerging markets will grow at double digits.

Our brand building expertise is in the cultural and lifestyle nuances that are imperative to succeeding in the complex, diverse and rapidly changing U.S., Canada and Latin American markets.

Our intimate knowledge of today’s sophisticated consumer, global market insights and intelligence mitigate the risks of market product expansion, brand share and adoption success.


Consumer Insights and Communications

We provide culturally nuanced and tailored Convergent Communications Solutions to effectively engage stakeholders.

The digital communication revolution has set the stage for our fragmented Polycultural society to express themselves with many voices, opinions and influences. There are hundreds of channels to choose from, yet engagement, or the lack thereof, is still rampant. Communication proliferation in content and channel preference is the new standard and our still predominant, homogenous culture has not kept pace.

Our Convergent Communications Solutions approach begins with identifying an overarching strategy based on global truths insights among the various targeted groups that make up our Polycultural society: first LIFESTYLE, then CULTURE, DEMOGRAPHICS, AFFINITY, and finally LANGUAGE. We then design communications strategies that appeal to the common connection points in both lifestyle and channel consumption.

We draw upon heritage and one of our core strengths and capabilities: the ability to obtain in-depth insights into consumers aspirations, wants, and desires. Then we create convergence by developing a rational and emotionally balanced message for the targeted cultural lifestyle groups.

Many refer to these times as unpredictable, but perhaps what’s needed is perspective and insight.



Business Case Development

We utilize our business unit strategies to transport client objectives from the seemingly out of reach to the readily attainable.

In today’s converging business and market places, corporate strategizing and business planning are imperative to a company’s success.

For over 30 years, our San Jose Consulting team has developed business strategies in multiple industries including financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, retail, travel and not-for-profit. Through our Inside Out™ proprietary planning tool, we have reworked the traditional SWOT analysis plan and restructured it to include the needs of both the general and multicultural market segments. Our Inside Out™ method allows us to provide our clients with unprecedented marketing results.

Our unparalleled insights and experiences in effective business planning, strategizing and developing allow us to assist our clients with organizing and assessing their short-term and long-term goals. Our in-depth understanding of the market and corporate demands allow us to provide our clients with a clear vision of how to strategically reach theirs.

Using our proprietary tool, InsideOut™, we uncover robust insights from the marketplace and convert them into fully digested, written blueprints that deliver actionable marketing solutions. To date, this tool has helped to generate close to $8.5 billion in incremental sales for our clients. InsideOut™ is one of the many tools we leverage to help unearth insights and convert them into growth


Market Return on Investment

Our ROI model quantifies upside revenue and volume potential based on population,  acculturation, competition and lifestyle trends.

Most companies now recognize the importance of Multicultural Marketing ROI. Indeed, marketers are under increasing pressure to show a positive and tangible return on their activities and investments. We know how to assess factors impacting a brand’s success. The ideas we select moving forward are engaging and compelling, capable of building brand loyalty and maximizing ROI.

For our clients, we provide a clear advantage over traditional consulting organizations by providing value-added, in-depth and dimension to all phases of the insight-gathering process. In the end, we make our clients’ research dollars work harder for maximum Multicultural and Complex Markets ROI.


Cultural Competency and Best Practices

Our research tools uncover global truths and cultural nuances to ensure effective and efficient communication.

The increasing population growth of racial and ethnic communities, each with its own cultural traits and profiles, presents a challenge to many corporate multicultural communication strategies. As the push for global demands increases, companies must ensure they are equipped to not only market to a global audience, but to reach targeted consumers as well.

Cultural and linguistic competence is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes and policies that come together in a system, agency or among professionals that enables effective work in cross-cultural situations. These integrated patterns of human behavior include languages, thoughts, communications, actions, customs, beliefs and values as well as institutions of racial, ethnic, religious or social groups. Quite simply, companies that are respectful of and responsive to consumers’ cultural and linguistic needs, beliefs and practices can generate positive outcomes.

We have helped clients strategically target consumers across cultural boundaries including the Hispanic, Latin American, African American and Asian cultures in addition to the American general market. Our best practice audits allow us to gain insight on how our clients are currently equipped to market their brands to consumers based on quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Our San Jose Consulting team uses our Life Mapping Inside Out™ tool which helps us assess and make recommendations on how to maximize marketing efforts so companies can maximize their ROI. This tool can be applied in both the U.S. and International market and deliver results that drive strategic decisions.


Reputation and Brand Risk solutions

We prepare CEOs, and CMOs to effectively predict, plan, manage and respond to emerging, previously unidentified Growth opportunities while preparing for potential competative risks.


The increasing complexity of the risks threatening brand equity and corporate reputation is understood and recognized by companies. However, that is not translating into systematic preparedness and planning.

Today, organizations are afflicted with a form of cultural blindness that is preventing them from wholly understanding a new form of risk that is the result of significant social, cultural and political changes against a background of population shifts.

A number of the catastrophic failures of major companies over recent years to protect Shareholder and brand equity when faced with threats and crises are partly responsible for this cultural blindness—BP, Sony, Petrobras, VW, to name a few.

We understand those diverse, global, social, cultural, political and population forces involving and affecting consumers, stakeholders and Global markets.

We conduct a Risk & Opportunities Audit to identify and catalogue ALL RISKS, including those that may not have been identified or which lack response plans in traditional risk methodologies.

The Audit is based on interviews with key people in the organization around the world beginning with the CEO and the C-Suite, but also includes managers of key functions and geographical leaders plus customers and other stakeholders. This is supplemented with additional research into the relevant issues and threats. We also review existing risk and crisis preparedness plans at the organization and provide recommendations to strengthen risk management planning, processes and training.



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