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Stakeholder Insights and Communications

We provide culturally nuanced and tailored Convergent Communications Solutions to effectively engage stakeholders.

The digital communication revolution has set the stage for our fragmented Polycultural society to express themselves with many voices, opinions and influences. There are hundreds of channels to choose from, yet engagement, or the lack thereof, is still rampant. Communication proliferation in content and channel preference is the new standard and our still predominant, homogenous culture has not kept pace.

Our Convergent Communications Solutions approach begins with identifying an overarching strategy based on global truths insights among the various targeted groups that make up our Polycultural society: first LIFESTYLE, then CULTURE, DEMOGRAPHICS, AFFINITY, and finally LANGUAGE. We then design communications strategies that appeal to the common connection points in both lifestyle and channel consumption.

We draw upon heritage and one of our core strengths and capabilities: the ability to obtain in-depth insights into consumers aspirations, wants, and desires. Then we create convergence by developing a rational and emotionally balanced message for the targeted cultural lifestyle groups.

Many refer to these times as unpredictable, but perhaps what’s needed is perspective and insight.


Board and C-Suite Leadership Solutions

We provide CEOs, the C-Suite and Boards assessment, services, and leadership development critical to succeed globally and domestically.

The social and business narratives about C-level and Board composition underrepresenting the demographics of company’s consumer, employee, and Shareholder populations is a heightened debate, exhaustively researched and documented; however, after decades of discussion the metrics show minimal change. Leadership development and cultural insights in the C-Suite and boardroom will be critical to be able to compete globally.

We acknowledge this as a significant and long-range solution to Shareholder value and brand equity risk, and the demand and need is critical. We offer innovative and customized services to solve this gap in culturally attuned leadership development and representation. Built on a belief that the two dominant channels of selecting C-level and Board Directors are the most significant contributor to this lack of representation, we have developed innovative ways to prepare and train executives and Boards.


Reputation and Brand Risk Solutions

We prepare CEOs, the C-Suite and Boards to effectively predict, plan, manage and respond to emerging, previously unidentified risks.

The increasing complexity of the risks threatening brand equity and corporate reputation is understood and recognized by companies. However, that is not translating into systematic preparedness and planning.

Today, organizations are afflicted with a form of cultural blindness that is preventing them from wholly understanding a new form of risk that is the result of significant social, cultural and political changes against a background of population shifts.

A number of the catastrophic failures of major companies over recent years to protect Shareholder and brand equity when faced with threats and crises are partly responsible for this cultural blindness—BP, Sony, Petrobras, VW, to name a few.

We understand those diverse, global, social, cultural, political and population forces involving and affecting consumers, stakeholders and markets.

We conduct a Risk Audit to identify and catalogue ALL RISKS, including those that may not have been identified or which lack response plans in traditional risk methodologies.

The Audit is based on interviews with key people in the organization around the world beginning with the CEO and the C-Suite, but also includes managers of key functions and geographical leaders plus customers and other stakeholders. This is supplemented with additional research into the relevant issues and threats. We also review existing risk and crisis preparedness plans at the organization.

The Audit identifies the most important emerging issues not covered in the organization’s risk and crisis plans and is the starting point for recommendations to strengthen risk management planning, processes and training.


Risk Preparedness Planning

We ensure the organization has the plans, processes, tools and teams in place should the worst happen and an issue becomes a serious business and reputational threat.

We build preparedness in two main ways:

  • Identify people, plans, processes, resources and reporting lines that ensure the CEO and the organization effectively responds to a threat, wherever in the world it emerges. This includes risks resulting from social, cultural, political and population shifts that may not have been identified in traditional methodologies.
  • Prepare a detailed plan against each of the top issues identified as potential risks or threats to the organization’s business and reputation at three levels—Emerging/Visible/Crisis. These would include draft statements, resources, tactics and partners that would be needed should the issue begin to become a threat.

We begin by reviewing whether the CEO has the most effective global team, processes and technology in place to manage these issues, particularly if one of the threats becomes a full blown crisis. We review the current global crisis team to identify gaps in people, skills and geography – and then seek new team members against specific criteria.

We review existing technology so that the CEO, C-Suite and the global crisis team has ready access to the preparedness plan, and that the plan can be mobilized out of hours and away from the office via a mobile crisis app on smartphones, for instance.

We also put in place processes to ensure that the top issues are being tracked in the media, on digital platforms, at key policy levels and among the activities of relevant NGOs and pressure groups with regular reports to the CEO and C-Suite.


Brand Opportunities in Polycultural and Complex Markets

We provide CEOs, the C-Suite and Boards insights of the Polycultural societies that make up the new faces and minds of America.

Today’s consumers can express their consumption preferences in very individualistic and complex ways. Distinct behavioral choices across channel preference, lifestyle and culture are the new reality, not only in the top DMA’s in U.S. but also in the emerging markets that make up our hemisphere.

Additionally, the Multicultural population in the U.S. will continue to grow at triple the rate of the general market, and Latin America’s emerging markets will grow at double digits.

Our brand protection expertise is in the cultural and lifestyle nuances that are imperative to succeeding in the complex, diverse and rapidly changing U.S. and Latin American markets.

Our intimate knowledge of today’s sophisticated consumer, global market insights and intelligence mitigate the risks of market product expansion, brand share and adoption success.


Curated Intelligence

We arm our clients with unique, proprietary competitor insights that cannot be identified through traditional research methods.

Corporations cannot operate at an optimal level without a deep understanding of the competitor market. And so many unconsciously choose ignorance over intelligence.

The result is a competitive disadvantage that could be avoided with intimate knowledge of how specific players in a market address specific product, people and service issues.

We analyze our client’s needs through the lens of the market.

Curated Intelligence(SM) programs are tailor-built to each client’s requirements, in support of understanding how the market has or has not addressed a specific reputation, risk or crisis preparedness issue.

Clients rely on our unique insights based on curated intelligence to solve real-time as well as long-term business scenarios. The result is a high performing brand, reputation and risk strategy.



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