Protecting Shareholder and Brand Equity - Risk + Reputation Strategies for the C-Suite
The current global, economic, political and social changes, and the acceleration of technology platforms that enable communication…

…combined with the proliferation of channels and sophistication of consumers require for an even more complex, nuanced and insightful marketing approach to effectively reach consumers.


We identify growth opportunities and provide marketing solutions and consumer insights to U.S. companies seeking growth in the Polycultural markets of the U.S., Canada, and the complex markets of Latin America.

Our approaches are unique, client customized, precise and transcend language, culture and borders.


We provide holistic, culturally nuanced knowledge, preparedness, and marketing support and innovation to Fortune 1000’s, and leading U.S. companies.


We Increase Brand Share and help preserve and protect Brand Equity.

Core Values

Core Values
SJC fuels itself on passion, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.

  • We are committed to our clients, our employees and the communities we serve
  • We provide innovative and efficient solutions for our peers and clients
  • We are accountable for our work, standing behind our recommendations
  • We are committed to attracting the best people in our industry
  • We stand behind honest marketing strategies that adhere to the basis of social responsibility
  • We provide excellence in all we do

Corporate Responsibility


Corporate responsibility is an essential element of our business philosophy. We believe that helping to train our economically disadvantaged citizens today makes for an improved tomorrow…for all of us.

Whether it is computer classes for adults, English as a second language, or improving quality of life, we partner with community support networks and provide computers, equipment and supplies, supporting our local communities.

The companies we affiliate with abide by the same philosophy, offering services that benefit their communities by promoting events to help local charities and associations within each of their respective geographies.

These are uncertain times. Political, economic and social changes domestically and globally are unprecedented, and now, more than ever, corporate and government leaders need seasoned navigators who are able to bring an outside global perspective and insight to the boardroom and C-Suite.

In today’s digital era, everyone has the ability to become a publisher of their own thoughts, and affinity groups have the means to organize overnight. Just think about it… we have become global tribes, instantaneously able to share our likes and dislikes with people all around the world.

The power of communication and persuasion has shifted from a select few to the masses, and the masses are not as homogeneous as they once were. Together, these proliferated voices of our Polycultural societies make up the new faces and minds of America.

I’ve spent three decades leading the transformation of multiple segment challenges into defined brand share growth and measurable revenue for F1000’s. Having witnessed firsthand the catastrophic effects that “Cultural Blindness” can have on brands and Shareholder value, I have assembled a team of best-in-class experts from varying disciplines to provide a holistic, competitive advantage to those corporations seeking knowledge, preparedness and capacity to anticipate and protect against cultural blindness and these risks.

There is a saying that “Leaders are like eagles; you find them one at a time.” Perhaps these are not uncertain times after all but times where expert navigators are able to strategize, predict and protect by seeing what others don’t see—as eagles do.

George L. San Jose
Founder & CEO


  • Consumer-Insights-and-Communications
  • Business Case Development
  • Brand Growth Opportunities in Polycultural and Complex Markets
  • Reputation and Brand Risk Solutions
  • Cultural Competency and Best Practices
  • Market Return on Investment


Strategic depth planned by implementation know-how …
Our reputation is built on a track record of transforming multiple segment challenges into defined brand share strategies that promote growth, preservation and measurable revenue.

Our team consists of the most senior experts in their fields and includes the varying disciplines required to provide holistic hemispheric solutions for Fortune 1000’s and leading U.S. companies.

Our strategic, immediate and long-term solutions are unique, company customized, precise and transcend culture, language and borders.


For over thirty years we have worked with F1000 marquee brands across 45 market categories in identifying and solving emerging trends across industries, Multicultural/Polycultural groups and complex markets.



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